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The main centers of Lake Orta are Omegna and Orta San Giulio. Every day is a good day if it is spent in Omegna, wrote the famous writer and poet Gianni Rodari. In the historic center of the town is the Rodar Museum


In addition to being the hometown of the most famous children’s writer Omegna has another uniqueness: it is home to the Nigoglia, the only outflow that flows northward. That’s right, this stream does not flow into the lake, but out of it, flowing northward and through the Strona and Toce rivers, going on to flow its waters into the majestic Lake Maggiore.

Walking along the footbridge suspended over the stream, you arrive at the flower-filled lakefront framed by picturesque landscapes. Omegna has for years been a leader in the manufacturing industry of the world-renowned household brands Lagostina, Bialetti and Alessi. Just a few meters from the center of Omegna is the Lagostina outlet.

Orta San Giulio

The treasure of the lake is Orta San Giulio, a small medieval village where history and art are concentrated. Orta, with the Island of San Giulio in front, is one of the tourist destinations par excellence and is part of the circuit of the most beautiful municipalities in Italy. The island is inhabited by very few families and is dominated by the Romanesque basilica, Palazzo dei Vescovi and the Benedictine Abbey. It can be visited thanks to the Lake Orta boat service.

Lake Orta is full of emotions to discover. There are so many activities you can enjoy with us; from walking, trekking, mountain biking and hiking on the lake. Lago d’Orta Zipline was also inaugurated in 2021. Flying over Italy’s most romantic lake, feeling only the chill of the wind and the beauty of nature.

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Lake Maggiore

The most beautiful and among the largest lakes in Italy, it is set just like a precious stone between Swiss and Italian lands. The Lake Maggiore area is known for its architectural beauty and breathtaking views. Wonderful villas and castles rise around the lake and on its islands. Starting in Verbania, one can visit Villa Giulia, Villa Taranto, known worldwide for its botanical gardens, and Villa San Remigio. Continuing along the lakefront we reach Stresa, where there are Villa Ducale and Villa Pallavicino with its zoological park. In Arona we find the 18th-century Villa Ponti and Villa Treves in Belgirate. The best known castles are the castles of Cannero, the Rocca di Arona and the Rocca Borromea in Angera, which houses the doll museum. For sports enthusiasts, Lake Maggiore also offers countless activities, from canoeing and sailing to yachting, water skiing and diving.

Lake Mergozzo

There is one lake where the use of motor boats is prohibited. This lake, formerly joined with Lake Maggiore, is now called Lake Mergozzo. This peculiarity makes it one of the cleanest lakes in Italy and a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. The village that overlooks its shores is also called Mergozzo and harkens back to ancient times, with houses made of stone leaning against each other and divided by steep streets that lose themselves in the surrounding greenery. All of them then come together in the center of the main square, where we find an old elm tree that, looking at it, seems to tell us all the history that once was of these parts.

Stresa and the Borromeo Islands

Stresa, called the "queen of Lake Maggiore," attracts tourists from all over the world and has done so for centuries. From a small strip of land inhabited mostly by fishermen it first became a fief of the Visconti family and later was acquired by the Borromeo family. In the past it was one of the destinations of the Grand Tour and many artists and intellectuals visited it such as Goethe, Stendhal and Byron. Stresa has a beautiful historic center and a magnificent lakeside promenade. The three Borromean Islands are quickly accessible from here. Isola Bella and Isola Madre exhibit princely palaces and gardens of rare plants in which peacocks, parrots and pheasants live. Isola Pescatori is known for its ancient village, considered one of the most picturesque places on Lake Maggio.

Weekly markets

Every day of the week there are open-air markets to sample typical products from our areas. Below is a list of the most popular markets. • MONDAY: Baveno, Santa Maria Maggiore • TUESDAY: Arona, Laveno, San Maurizio D'Opaglio, Pettenasco, Ascona • WEDNESDAY : Luino, Orta San Giulio, Gravellona Toce, Casale Corte Cerro • THURSDAY: Omegna, Premeno, Feriolo (July and August only), Locarno • FRIDAY: Cannero Riviera, Stresa, Pallanza • SATURDAY: Armeno, Crusinallo, Gozzano, Intra, Domodossola • SUNDAY: Pella, Cannobio

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